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Australian Standard AS/NZ 2243.8:2006 states that Fume Cupboards must have a six and twelve monthly maintenance and testing schedule. 

To meet your obligations and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004) the following tests must be conducted.

The six monthly maintenance and testing requirements are as follows:
  • Perform smoke test
  • Perform a face velocity test
  • Inspect and maintain fans, their motors, drives and bearings. Lubricate where required
  • Check that the scrubber and wash-down facility, if fitted, is functioning efficiently
  • If fitted, inspect the fire damper and release mechanism and replace fusible link, if required
  • Check that any air cleaning device, if fitted, is operating efficiently
  • Check the condition of the thermal detector and sprinkler head
  • Remove baffles and clean baffles and the rear of the fume cupboard
  • Label cupboard with test/due date and results
The twelve monthly maintenance and testing requirements are as follows:
  • Perform all tests as per six monthly requirements
  • Wash entire interior surface
  • Check condition of the services to the cupboard
  • Check condition of the discharge stack
  • Inspect condition of the exhaust ducting, where possible, particularly the joints and ensure drains are clear
  • Check make-up air balance
  • Check operation of cupboard control system
  • Check operation of emergency isolator
  • Provide inadequate airflow and check operation of automatic isolator
  • Test system for overall compliance with AS/NZS 2243.8:2006
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