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Safety Switches are installed to protect humans and property in the event of electrical leakage.  These are life saving devices, ensure they work.

Safety Switches are designed to stop you, your staff and your family from being electrocuted.

How they work?

Safety Switches, also known as residual current devices (RCD’S) are electronic devices that continuously monitor the flow of electrical current through appliances and wiring. 

If a faulty appliance or damaged wiring is touched the safety switch will sense a difference in current flow to earth and switch off the electricity instantly. 

Safety Switches are tested to ensure they switch off in less than 40 ms for a 10 mA RCD and 300 ms for a 30 mA RCD, as per AS/NZS 3760:2003 - AS/NZS 3190:2002

Safety switches should be tested annually

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